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Designing guiding aesthetics

The fine line between creativity and noise

Demystifying stat_ layers in {ggplot2}

The motivation behind stat, the distinction between stat and geom, and a case study of stat_summary()

TidyTuesday 2020 week 39

Stacked area plot of the heights of Himalayan peaks attempted over the last century

Plot Makeover #1

Flattening a faceted grid for strictly horizontal comparisons

TidyTuesday 2020 week 38

Visualizing two decades of primary and secondary education spending with {gt}

Embedding videos in {reactable} tables

Pushing the limits of expandable row details

Fonts for graphs

A small collection of my favorite fonts for data visualization

TidyTuesday 2020 Week 33

An animation of the main characters in Avatar

Saving a line of piping

Some notes on lesser known functions/functionalities that combine common chain of {dplyr} verbs.

TidyTuesday 2020 Week 32

A dumbbell chart visualization of energy production trends among European countries

Six years of my Spotify playlists

An analysis of acoustic features with {spotifyr}

Shiny tips - the first set

%||%, imap() + {shinybusy}, and user inputs in modalDialog()


A {ggplot2} geom for visualizing change in distribution between two conditions.

Plotting treemaps with {treemap} and {ggplot2}

Using underlying plot data for maximum customization

Indexing tip for {spacyr}

Speeding up the analysis of dependency relations.

The Correlation Parameter in Mixed Effects Models

Notes on the Corr term in {lme4} output

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